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Q&A with Miko Brown

January 27, 2024

Miko Brown serves as Associate General Counsel at Airbnb, Inc., where she leads the Community Trust Team. Prior to joining Airbnb, Miko was a partner in the Trial Department at DGS and defended high-profile companies in catastrophic personal injury lawsuits nationwide, including moving vehicle accidents, product liability matters, and mass torts. She has extensive experience in civil rights and employment matters and has successfully defended breach of contract and intellectual infringement cases. In 2013, Miko launched the Women in Leadership Lecture Series (WILLS), which continues to be held at DGS to this day.

What does a typical day look like for you at Airbnb?

Putting out fires and damage control. Because I lead the trust and safety legal team, I jump from one crisis to the next - shootings, stabbings, drug trafficking, discrimination, etc. - I've seen it all!

What was it like to transition from law firm partner to in-house counsel during the pandemic?

It was very challenging. Having to learn a new role at a new organization over Zoom isn't ideal. But the biggest challenge was building trusting relationships with people I had never met in person. I didn't realize how important face-to-face meetings were until they were no longer an option.

What do you value most about your time at DGS?

The friends I made at the firm. I've never worked with so many smart, supportive, and genuinely kind people.

Who are some of the people at DGS that had the greatest influence on you and why?

Shannon Stevenson, Kristin Lentz, Chad Williams, and Kenzo Kawanabe. When I think of the term "leader," these are four individuals who immediately spring to mind. They lead with humility and empathy, which is rare and what drew me to DGS.

In all of your time at DGS and beyond, you have been a champion of women and diverse lawyers. Recently, you launched Project Ganesha. Tell us how Project Ganesha is furthering this mission.

Project Ganesha is named after the Hindu god, Ganesha, known as the remover of obstacles. The aim of Project Ganesha is to increase the number of women and diverse law firm leaders and rainmakers with a heavy emphasis on mental and physical health. To accomplish this goal, I created easy-to-implement training and playbooks for Partners and Associates that provide simple tools for reducing attrition, boosting well-being, and improving Associates' substantive and business development skills. All Project Ganesha proceeds will go towards funding grants for women and diverse law students and Law School...Yes We Can! Fellows who are interested in pursuing careers in private practice. You can check out the Project Ganesha website at

What can we expect from Project Ganesha in the future?

I'm hoping that the practices taught by Project Ganesha become the new law firm standard and we see a marked increase in the number of women and diverse Associates who become successful law firm Partners.

What is your best advice for associates on a partnership track?

Read and follow the Project Ganesha Associate Playbook!