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News & Events

Kenzo Kawanabe Named to Boettcher Foundation Board of Trustees

The Boettcher Foundation is pleased to announce that Kenzo Kawanabe and Judith B. Wagner have been elected to the Board...

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50-State Survey of Protections Available for Purchasers of Contaminated Property

The Subcommittee of Women Environmental Litigators, one of the groups under the umbrella of the American Bar Association Litigation Section’s...

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Here Today, Gone Tomorrow and Other Consequences of Being Fraudulently Avoided

The Bankruptcy Code provides the debtor or trustee with a variety of tools to augment the estate through avoidance and...

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Brave, new, and unregistered world

CFOs understand the basic rules about raising money by selling stock or other equity securities to fund their businesses. They...

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HIPAA Privacy Rule Policy and Procedure Manual for Mental Health Practitioners in Colorado

The HIPAA Privacy Rule states that an individual’s health information cannot be used internally or disclosed to others without the...

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From a Legal Perspective: Mineral Lessee's Rights to Conduct Seismic Operations

As the seismic work in Colorado has both increased and moved into more populated areas, we are seeing an increase...

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Nuisance, opportunity in oil and gas development

Recent press reports on U.S. Rep. Jared Polis contemplating a lawsuit to halt oil and gas development near his farm...

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When Choosing Pleaded or Pled, Grammar Pitted Against Popular Usage

Since law school, I've been engaged in what seems to be a never-ending debate over the use of "pleaded" versus...

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