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Private Equity

Davis Graham & Stubbs LLP has extensive experience representing both investors and issuers in private equity and venture capital transactions. We represent private equity investment firms, buyout firms, venture capital firms, asset management funds, and individual investors in transactions with emerging and established businesses. We also represent issuers in private equity and venture capital transactions as well as recapitalizations,  management buyouts, and mergers and acquisitions. 

Our services in the private equity and venture capital arena begin with the preparation of letters of intent and analysis of the tax implications to investors and existing shareholders of various investment structures. We then bring a multidisciplinary approach to a business and legal due diligence review of the issuer’s business to spot any potentially troublesome issues that would need to be addressed. We advise our clients on an appropriate capital structure as well as the securities law implications of the transaction. Finally, we assist our clients in negotiating and documenting the investment and in obtaining necessary shareholder and bank approvals to complete the transaction. 

We have extensive experience working with other professionals employed by investors or issuers, including accountants, investment bankers, and compensation consultants. This approach enables our clients to benefit from in-depth professional advice on a cost-efficient basis. 

Private Equity

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