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Oil & Gas Transactional Practice

Davis Graham & Stubbs LLP brings a multidisciplinary approach to all phases of mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, other transaction structures, and financings in the oil and gas industry. We have represented public and private companies, private equity sponsors and family office clients in oil and gas transactions totaling tens of billions of dollars in the aggregate in and across multiple basins and states in both asset and equity transactions. Additionally, we have represented clients in all forms of non-A&D/M&A transactions in the oil and gas space, including farmout agreements, DrillCo (and similar) structures, joint ventures, volumetric production payment transactions, and other transactions.

We also have represented clients in transactions that are subject to federal bankruptcy or receivership proceedings or in other distressed settings. Further, we represent companies, banks, and other lending institutions involved in – and have served as issuer’s and underwriters’ counsel for – public offerings of natural resources companies. We work closely with energy companies to provide tax-advantageous structures for oil and gas partnerships, farmout arrangements, Section 29 transactions, and 1031 exchanges.

We are widely regarded as a preeminent law firm for our expertise in oil and gas transactions, and we have multiple Chambers-ranked attorneys representing clients in deals ranging from highly complex public company mergers or large-scale asset A&D deals to alternative-financing-styled DrillCos to single-pad wellbore deals. We take pride in our ability to apply the appropriate level of sophistication and expertise and effectively build client teams to represent our client’s needs in a way that appropriately meets the nature and complexity of the transaction.

We have deep expertise regarding federal, state, tribal, and local issues that affect oil and gas development, which we leverage to assist clients in coordinating and participating in all aspects of due diligence in regional and multi-state transactions before bidding and during contract due diligence periods. Our due diligence experience includes working with clients to develop a reasonable plan for a particular transaction, preparing checklists and forms for the team to implement the plan, and working with clients to modify the due diligence plan if new issues are uncovered. Given the typically short timeframes involved, we often coordinate with local landmen, environmental consultants, and others, and monitor the due diligence team throughout the project, leading to an expedited process.

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