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Oil & Gas Acquisition & Divestiture

Davis Graham & Stubbs LLP brings a multidisciplinary approach to all phases of acquisitions, divestitures, and financing in the oil and gas industry. We represent companies, banks and other lending institutions involved and have served as issuer’s and underwriters’ counsel for public offerings of natural resources companies. We have also represented major independent oil companies in public and private mergers and acquisition transactions. We work closely with energy companies to provide tax advantageous structures for oil and gas partnerships, farmout arrangements, and Section 29 transactions.

We also have extensive experience dealing with smaller asset transactions including drafting, reviewing, and negotiating purchase and sale agreements and coordinating of all aspects of the due diligence including stand-up title examination.

We also have extensive experience coordinating and participating in all aspects of due diligence in regional and multi-state transactions prior to bidding and during contract due diligence periods. Our due diligence experience includes working with our clients to develop a reasonable plan for a particular transaction, preparing checklists and forms for the team to implement the plan and gather information in a uniform format, and working with clients to modify the due diligence plan if new issues are uncovered. Given the typically short timeframes involved, we typically work with local landmen, environmental consultants, attorneys, and others to identify unique local issues. However, in those situations we coordinate and monitor the due diligence team throughout the project leading to an expedited process.

Our due diligence experience includes title review of county, state land board, federal, and Indian records, environmental review of oil and gas producing properties and associate assets such as pipelines, review of contracts for consents, preferential rights to purchase, or other terms that might have a material adverse impact on the value of the assets, and, in light of on-going litigation around the country, review of marketing arrangements and the accounting to royalty and overriding royalty owners and taxing authorities to identify potential liabilities and impacts to the economic assumptions underlying a proposed transaction. Due diligence is headed up by our oil and gas group partners who each have more than 30 years of experience representing the oil and gas industry.

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