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Tribal Oil & Gas

Davis Graham & Stubbs LLP represents tribal oil and gas lessees from initial exploration to final reclamation. We work with a wide range of oil and gas companies in obtaining permits for seismic operations, obtaining and defending oil and gas leases, posting bonds, obtaining approval of permits to drill, and acquiring necessary permits for, among other things, produced water and air emissions. We assist clients throughout the due diligence and negotiation process, including complex tribal jurisdictional issues, agreements under the Indian Mineral Leasing Act and the Indian Mineral Development Act, the HEARTH Act and obtaining the necessary approvals from the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA).

We assist clients in obtaining BIA and Bureau of Land Management approval for federal oil and gas units, frequently counsel clients on unit disputes, and have prosecuted and defended disputes between unit operators and non-operators over issues such as participating areas, drainage, and ownership interests. For mature oil and gas properties we assist clients in issues such as lease termination, plugging and abandoning wells, and reclamation.

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