Serving Businesses of the Rocky Mountain West

While the firm’s Denver headquarters and intermediate size allow a close personal relationship with local and regional clients, our technology and broad experience allow us to partner effectively with businesses and their investors throughout the world.

Our lawyers  have extensive experience working with companies in the energy, mining, technology, hospitality, private equity, manufacturing, asset management, aviation, and health care industries.

Half of our lawyers are equity partners whose experience, when combined with judicious use of associates and paralegals and a competitive rate structure, deliver a lower total cost solution for clients without any compromise in quality.

Diversity & Inclusiveness

An Expansive Team

At Davis Graham & Stubbs LLP, we strive to attract and retain attorneys who represent a multiplicity of cultures, ethnic backgrounds, and viewpoints represented in a global economy. We know that to make a difference, we must lead by example.

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Sustainability & Corporate Responsibility

We take sustainability and corporate responsibility seriously.

We’ve implemented a Sustainability Policy is to guide our vision of social, economic, and environmental responsibility. We’ve set standards of responsible behavior to minimize our impact on the environment and continually look for ways to improve our performance in order to better serve our clients and community.

We also received certification from the Denver Department of Environmental Health’s Certifiably Green Denver program, which helps businesses find opportunities to improve efficiency and profitability while minimizing their environmental footprint.

The Year of 100 Good Deeds

100th Anniversary

Davis Graham & Stubbs LLP celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2015 with the “Year of 100 Good Deeds” (Y100). In selecting 100 Good Deeds, DGS attorneys and staff first nominated potential projects in which they were involved. Then, the DGS Y100 Committee narrowed the nominations to 100 unique causes that the firm supported throughout the year with financial contributions, volunteer projects, and pro bono legal services. These 100 Good Deeds went above and beyond the firm’s usual contributions to the community. 

Community Service

Our Commitment

Davis Graham & Stubbs attorneys have a long tradition serving Colorado’s business, professional, civic, and cultural communities. Our lawyers take leadership roles in legal professional organizations, law schools, pro bono representations, charitable and civic organizations, and governmental agencies, boards, and commissions. We ask our attorneys to get involved in what they love and make a difference with their involvement.

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Pro Bono Work

Through the Colorado Supreme Court’s pro bono program, DGS has committed to provide at least 50 hours of pro bono and related legal community service per attorney each year. For example, in 2014, DGS lawyers accumulated more than 12,000 hours of this type of work, an average of more than 90 hours per attorney. Many of these attorneys represent clients who cannot afford legal services, and would otherwise not be able to access the judicial system.

Community Involvement

DGS lawyers play an important role in Denver’s legal, business, civic, and cultural communities – both as individuals and as representatives of the firm.  The firm, its lawyers, and its staff sponsor and participate in a wide variety of worthy events each year and are involved in leadership roles in legal professional organizations, law schools, leading charitable and civic organizations, governmental agencies, boards, and commissions.

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