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Intellectual Property

Davis Graham & Stubbs LLP intellectual property attorneys counsel clients in all aspects of acquiring, protecting, and enforcing intellectual property rights and in the development and commercialization of technology products and services. Our clients range from entrepreneurs and startup companies that are introducing cutting-edge products, to mature technology providers and well-established companies at the forefront of leveraging technology in their industries.

Core Competencies

  • Trademark, copyright, patent, and trade secret counseling
  • IP portfolio strategy and management
  • IP protection, registration, and enforcement
  • IP Audits
  • IP Due Diligence
  • IP Freedom-to-Operate
  • IP litigation, including multi-million-dollar licensing disputes
  • Complex licensing and intellectual property transfer agreements
  • Content and brand licensing (copyright, trademark, patent, database, data, and visual content)
  • Technology and software acquisition and divestiture transactions
  • IP and technology-focused mergers and acquisitions
  • Cloud-based software services agreements
  • Service-level agreements
  • Software licensing, end-user, and click-wrap licenses
  • IT equipment, software, and hosting services procurement agreements
  • Joint development agreements
  • Mobile app development agreements
  • Mobile app privacy policies and terms of use
  • Website policies and agreements (privacy; end user terms of use and terms of sale)
  • SaaS and application service provider agreements
  • Software and website development agreements
  • Hardware acquistion
  • Data collection and privacy issues

Representative Experience

  • Management of trademark and patent portfolios and related domestic and foreign prosecution activities for a worldwide leader in advanced advertising technologies and a leading aviation OEM component manufacturer.
  • Represented clients in complex commercial contract transactions involving large equipment manufacturers, health-care organizations, cable, energy, satellite, and telecommunications companies.
  • Resolved numerous trademark and service mark infringement disputes without litigation.
  • Represented clients in various industries in litigation and trials that involved the enforcement of intellectual property rights.
  • Represented oil and gas software company in divestiture of leading valuation software.
  • Represented clients in various industries in cybersecurity, data breach, and risk management matters.
  • Represented clients in the freedom-to-operate of a number of chemical formulation based products.

Industry Focus

  • Aerospace
  • Aviation
  • Biotechnology
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Chemical Manufacturing
  • Cleantech
  • Consumer Products
  • Electronics
  • Entertainment
  • Hardware
  • Health Care
  • Hospitality
  • Higher Education (Tech Transfer)
  • Internet
  • IT Services
  • Medical Devices
  • Natural Resources
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Software — Enterprise, SaaS, Cloud, and Mobile Apps
  • Telecommunications

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